With a range of purchase options, WINK offers a competitive rate per m2 for a centrally located investment property that also qualifies for a Section 12J SARS investment incentive when purchased via Flyt Hospitality’s Section 12J Fund.

A managed rental pool solution means you’ll also benefit from the economies of scale that come with reduced per- unit operating costs while minimising the risks associated with self-managed units.


• 14 days own use per year (out season)
• Owner rate during season (30% discount)

Our forward-thinking approach gives our investors a hands-off investment with real returns, with projected income returns for 2020 estimated at 10%.

Invest Your Way

Investors can purchase one of our available units on a Sectional Title basis with Cash or Bond Finance. Pricing from R1 325 000 per unit.


  • Unit is furnished by Rental Pool at no additional cost to owner
  • Managed by an experienced operator therefore hands-off and hassle-free
  • All collections of income and payment of expenses handled on owners’ behalf
  • Regular income distributions
  • Owner’s share in profits from restaurant operations, boosting your income

WINK forms part of the Flyt Hospitality Fund portfolio, allowing you to enjoy huge tax savings on your shares. If you invest in the Fund, your investment will be diversified across several assets including WINK.


  • All property benefits of traditional purchase
  • Immediate and significant tax incentive through investment into Section 12J VCC (Venture Capital Company) with 100% of investment being tax-deductible in the year of investment, offering you up to 45% of your investment back via a SARS refund
  • The Fund is moderately geared (bank finance), giving shareholders the benefits of leveraged returns (no personal sureties required)
12J Investment Exit Options
After five years, the investor can choose one of the following options:

Sell shares back to the Flyt Hospitality Fund and take cash


Sell shares back to the fund and purchase a specific unit (arranged at time of investment) with the proceeds


Stay in the Flyt Hospitality Fund and start earning dividends, estimated at 8% of share value at Year 5


What is a 12J Investment?

This SARS investment incentive managed in terms of Section 12J of the Income Tax Act enables investors to deduct 100% of their investments (purchase of shares) in a registered Section 12J Venture Capital Company (VCC), against their taxable income for Income Tax Purposes.

The Flyt Hospitality Fund is a registered Financial Services Provider (FSP) and registered SARS VCC (VCC 008).

Wink Tax Incentive Infographic


As a serviced, short-letting enterprise, WINK is Section 12J compliant. Although the investor will not be purchasing a physical property, the shares grant the holder access to all the benefits of the property.

After 5 years, the owner has the option to stay in the fund, sell the shares or have the property transferred into their own name.

Example based on a 45% taxpayer